At age 96, U.S. Coast Guard veteran Toras Fisk of Homer clearly remembers his service in the South Pacific during World War II.

His crew aboard the USS Albireo, an armed cargo ship crewed by Coast Guardsmen, got caught in a big storm in 1944.

The USS Albireo, the armed cargo ship aboard which U.S. Coast Guard veteran Toras Fisk served in World War II. (Courtesy Toras Fisk)

"And the doggone prop would come out of the water and just shake like hell," Fisk said Monday in Anchorage.

Fisk is part of a group of more than 20 veterans who will tour war memorials in Washington D.C. as part of the Last Frontier Honor Flight. The costs for veterans are covered by donations.

Fisk was a gunner on the Albireo and remembers having to dodge an enemy submarine during the war.

Toras Fisk, a gunner, at his duty station aboard the USS Albireo during World War II. (Courtesy Toras Fisk)

"We were zigzagging to beat the devil and had a 5-inch gun blasting away at him," Fisk said.

He says the crew called for help and two U.S. destroyers showed up.

"We shook him before the destroyers got there," Fisk said.

Others on the trip include Korean and Vietnam War veterans. The group will return to Anchorage on Saturday afternoon.

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