The start of each day brings new challenges and adventures for Ms. Sarah’s preschool class at Chester Valley Elementary School.

"I have 17 preschoolers that are 4 years old, and they turn 5 throughout the year,” Sarah San Martin explained. “It's very busy and I have them for half of a day and the other half of the day I'm focusing on the environment of the classroom."

Ms. Sarah is getting her students ready for kindergarten, developing curriculum that keeps their hungry young minds engaged.

"I like putting up things that are meaningful to them. You'll see a lot of their artwork up, things they've created up,” said San Martin.

Her students’ creations deliver an eclectic range of colors and ideas, encouraging the preschoolers to express themselves. And while art and fun activities are a staple of the daily routine, Ms. Sarah’s classroom also focuses on developing life and social skills.

"If I can get them ready in preschool, then when they move on to kindergarten and first grade, they'll have the foundational skills they need to succeed,” said San Martin. “The academics can't happen until they're able to focus and are able to listen and work with their peers, and have the understanding of empathy and problem solving."

Seventeen preschoolers may sound like a handful, but Ms. Sarah says she was destined for the job.

"I've always known I wanted to get into education and I kind of fell into preschool… and once I did, I really enjoyed it,” explained San Martin.

“I love coming in every morning and having the kids with their bright smiles ready for the day. They all give me a big hug and are so eager to learn and I think that's what's great about preschool," she said. "Their first experience is so fun and engaging and they're learning through play. They want to come to school."

Sarah San Martin cultivates a culture of fun and learning. She communicates with her students’ parents in a way that helps lessons carry beyond the classroom.

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