Alaska State Troopers say two hunters, one of them a child, illegally killed three moose in the Anchor Point area this season.

The adult suspect -- 39-year-old Anchor Point resident Rusty Counts -- faces more than 20 counts in the case, troopers said in an online dispatch Tuesday evening.

Wildlife troopers began looking into the kills on Sept. 14, when they received a report from the Homer-area community that “someone had shot a sub-legal bull moose and left it in the field” off Hannah Rene Road.

“Investigation revealed that [Counts] and a juvenile had shot and killed three separate bull moose throughout the season,” troopers wrote. “None of the moose killed met the legal antler requirements for the area (45”, 25”and 26” antler spreads). Only one back strap off one moose had been salvaged (and) the rest of the meat was left on the three animals in the field to spoil.”

Troopers spokespersons didn't have any further details Wednesday on the case against Counts, but released an image of one of the killed moose.

One of three moose allegedly killed and wantonly wasted near Anchor Point during the 2018 season by 39-year-old Rusty Counts and a juvenile. (Credit: From Alaska Wildlife Troopers)

Last week Counts was charged with three counts each of wanton waste of big game, taking a sublegal moose during a closed season, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, failing to seal antlers, failing to report a hunt and failing to validate a harvest ticket. He also faces two counts of taking moose beyond the legal limit and one count of illegal possession.

Counts is set to appear at an arraignment in the case on Oct. 23.

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