Two men fishing in Prince William Sound came across the remains of two black bear cubs floating in the water Saturday.

At first Peter Montesano says he wasn't sure what he was looking at when he and a friend came across the cubs' bodies, in Squaw Bay. He initially thought it was a single bear cub that had drowned, then noticed there were two pairs of hind legs sticking up.

As they got closer they saw a weight tied to the two bears. They used a boat hook to pull up the weight, saying it was a cement block shaped like a jug.

"It's fundamentally not OK," Montesano said. "I was speculating right away: 'Why would someone do that?' Well, there was no sow tied on. So I assume someone went after a sow either intentionally or found accidentally afterwards that a sow had cubs. Either way it's not an OK thing to do."

The remains of two bear cubs float in the Prince William Sound (Courtesy Peter Montesano)

He says the cubs were intact as far as they could see, minus what he thought was a bullet hole in one of the cub's feet. He also says there was no strong smell coming from the remains.

Montesano had recently seen a family of five bears in the area, including some about the same size as the dead cubs. He was fairly sure the dead bears had been born this year. 

Alaska Wildlife Troopers now have copies of Montesano's images, he said.

Troopers spokesman Tim DeSpain said Monday that a trooper was traveling to Prince William Sound to investigate the find.

"I'm hoping someone gets caught," Montesano said.

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