The University of Alaska held it's biggest recruiting session ever for high school students on Friday. More than 800 students from local high schools visited the university as part of Academic Preview Day.

"Academic Preview day is all about giving students an in-depth experience to learn more about our academic programs, find something that resonates with them and really see themselves as a student here at UAA," said Whitney Brown, of UAA's Student Affairs Office.

Brown said the university offers more than 100 degree and technical programs. Students got a chance to learn about many of them on Friday.

"We have students in our culinary arts program doing a taste testing. We have students in our engineering facilities learning about earthquakes. We have students in our new Weidner Facility learning about real estate," said Brown.

Overall, enrollment at UAA is down this fall, according to university officials. Although UAA has seen an increase in students transferring and in the number of students returning to complete degrees after a one or two-year absence. The number of first-time freshmen is up slightly at almost 2 percent.

The University is increasing recruiting efforts at local high schools. Later this month, UAA will hold application days at high schools to help students fill out applications to the university.

Virtual tours are available for prospective students online at the UAA website.

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