An Anchorage man is being held on a $10,000 cash bail after police say he shot and injured a man in the parking lot of an elementary school Wednesday morning.

Anchorage Police say 26-year-old Laquinton Tyrone Dashawn Robbins shot another man after dropping off a child at Denali Montessori Elementary School.

Police documents say Robbins claims he was taking his girlfriend's child to school when the child's father showed up and tried to grab the child's hand. Robbins said he picked the child up and began carrying them inside, then the child's father hit him in the head.

After exiting the school, Robbins says the man continued to follow him, even getting in Robbins' car with him, where the two fought. After that police say Robbins' first statement was not completely true.

Robbins claimed he pulled a gun out of his backpack and shot the victim in self-defense while in the car. Police then showed Robbins surveillance video of the victim leaving the car, Robbins getting out, then shooting the victim.

Police say Robbins changed his story to say that the victim did get out, but was still threatening to kill him. A witness who claims to have seen the entire exchange says the shooter punched the victim while in the car, then the victim left, and that the victim had their hands by their side and was not acting aggressively when the suspect shot him.

The school was put into lockdown mode after the witness went into the school and reported the shooting. The victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

An APD Nixle report says the suspect ran away on foot and was captured by officers, but court documents say Robbins claims to have driven away, but then came back to the scene.

If Robbins pays the full amount of the bail, he will still be under house arrest under the supervision of the Pretrial Enforcement Division with electronic monitoring.

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