This weekend, Cuban culture takes the stage, right here in Anchorage. It's part of a Latin dance event called 'Cubania,' hosted by dance group Anaya Latin Dance.  'Cubania' features dance workshops, and a dance party Saturday night at the 49th State Brewing Company.

"We're going to do what we call 'animations' which are group dances, ruedas, we're going to do some door prizes," Liz Anaya, a co-founder of Anaya Latin Dance told KTVA's Daybreak in a live interview Friday. 

The event also features dance lessons taught by Esteban Isnardi, a salsa instructor and poet from Uruguay, who writes about Cuban dance and culture.

"This Island is like a miracle," Isnardi says of Cuba, mentioning the number of different Latin rythms that are danced there. Isnardi notes that Cuban style is different from traditional salsa. 

"This is more circular, and you can absolutely mix some Rhumba movement [in there]," Isnardi said. 

For a dance demo by Anaya Latin Dance, click here.

Cubania starts at 1pm on Saturday, tickets are available here.