A special “blessing box” was installed near Lake Otis Elementary and Wendler Middle School Thursday afternoon, with a goal of helping families and students in need. 

Blessing boxes are like miniature food pantries that can hold anything from school supplies to toiletries to non-perishable foods. The idea is someone can take something when you need it, and then donate something later when you’re able.

Fourteen-year-old student Ashley Perry spearheaded the project. She got the idea when she saw blessing boxes online in the Lower 48 but then couldn’t find any in her own community. So she took action.

“My principal allowed me to put one up at my school and it was really successful,” Perry said.

After her first box, Perry decided she wanted to bring in professional carpenters.

“My family is a duct tape and super glue kind of family, so I asked Spinell Homes for help,” she said.

Andre Spinelli, vice president of Spinell Homes, says everyone in their office wanted to get on board.

“Ashley is an inspirational person and we're proud to be tagging along on her mission,” Spinelli said Thursday.

Perry wants to install at least 30 more blessing boxes. As far as the future of the Spinell’s and Perry’s partnership and how many boxes there might be one day, Spinelli says, "we're willing to supply as many as she wants to place."

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