The Municipality of Anchorage and the University of Alaska Anchorage are partnering together to combat climate change in the city, according to a release from Mayor Ethan Berkowitz. 

On Tuesday, the Anchorage Assembly passed a resolution supporting a Climate Action Plan (CAP) that would do two things: strategize ways the city can reduce its impact on the climate, and look for ways to adapt as climate changes.

Funding will come from a grant that UAA faculty received from the University of Alaska Faculty Initiative Fund.

Berkowitz says making a plan is the responsible thing to do because climate change has a real effect on Anchorage.

"It means a longer and more dangerous fire season, more freeze-thaw cycles, and the appearance of invasive species," the mayor wrote. "It causes costs to the Municipality and disruption to the Anchorage way of life."

In addition to city staff and university faculty, representatives from non-profits and community organizations will be part of the planning process.

Anchorage residents are also welcome to give input on the CAP. The first event is at the Loussac Library on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 6 p.m.

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