A young girl who was injured earlier this month, when Anchorage police say a drunk driver struck a light pole that collapsed on her, had a big achievement this weekend.

Bowman Elementary School fifth grader Jase Emerson ran Saturday in the South Anchorage Cross-Country Jamboree, wearing a tutu and using a walker as part of the Bowman Tutu Team.

Police say Emerson’s father had to push her out of the way when driver Kathleen Dahl headed right at them near Lake Otis Parkway and Cleo Avenue on Sept. 4, instead hitting the light pole. Its collapse left Jase with leg injuries and also killed the Emersons’ dog, which was walking with them at the time. Dahl faces DUI charges in the wreck.

Jase told her gym teacher, Sara Paulson, that she wouldn't miss the jamboree for anything. She's been running in it since kindergarten.

She finished right before her brother Carter, who's following in his sister's footsteps.

Joe Vigil contributed information to this story.

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