Candidates have tried and failed for more than 40 years to knock House Rep. Don Young off the top of the political mountain.

Independent challenger Alyse Galvin is the latest to try in a long line that has included former Gov. Sean Parnell and current Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

On Monday, she launched an attack during the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce's "Make it Monday" candidate forum.

When discussing trade and tariffs, Galvin lashed out, saying Young has been "missing in action" when it comes to fighting to protect Alaska businesses.

"Why hasn't Don Young proposed an aid package for our fisherman?" Galvin asked. "This isn't rocket science. Alaska fishermen deserve relief to get them through this trade war, just like the relief that's already been approved for the Midwest farmers."

Congressman Young didn't bite.

"The trade policy can be detrimental to the state of Alaska," said Young, the longest-serving House member and the only member who served in the Nixon administration. "It will not probably be. I think you're going to see a summit meeting between the President and China. We both need one another."

Galvin didn't let up. She talked about projected "exploding" U.S. deficits she attributes to Young and Congress after they passed what she called and massive tax cut and giveaway plan.

"It's unrealistic to expect him and his colleagues to ignore the hands that our outstretched looking for tax cuts and giveaways when those same hands are the ones with the big campaign donations," she said. "It's time we wake up to reality and make changes," 

By then Young heard enough. 

"I am amazed to listen to my so-called opponent," he said. "She's already nasty. I thought this was going to be a civilized campaign. We hear about wanting to work together across the aisle. I have the best record working across the aisle. You can check the record itself."

Young later called politics a "bloodsport".

"Hostility in one's heart and expressing it before an audience is not the way to get it done," he said.

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