A sport-utility vehicle rammed through a small East Anchorage video-game store Friday night, nearly hitting several customers.

The crash at the GameStop location in Tikahtnu Commons took place at about 7 p.m. Police said there wasn’t any immediate word on what caused the Jeep’s driver to smash into the store.

Brandon Highsmith, who was in the store at the time, said a clerk at the counter had made a joke just before the Jeep slammed through the glass – and Highsmith realized the collision was no laughing matter.

"That's a very small store for a GameStop, and it was kind of packed,” Highsmith said. “You walk through any aisle there, it's only enough room for one person at a time. So I looked at those two ladies who were backing off, but we were all wondering, ‘How much space do we have left and when is this vehicle going to stop?’”

People in the store had to leave through its rear emergency exit.

Police said the driver was taken to a local hospital as a precaution, with no reports of life-threatening injuries or arrests Friday night.

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