The UAA Hockey Team reported to boot camp Friday morning, but not at the Wells-Fargo Sports Complex on campus.
JBER welcomed the Seawolves, as players went through some Army Ranger training, that included a one-mile run that saw players team up in groups of four as they carried 170 pounds of sandbags.
They also challenged the obstacle course. The exercises are designed to promote teamwork, whether it's on the front lines or the ice.
"I was a little nervous, to be honest, but this is all in good fun, and hopefully we pull something really good from it," said senior forward Alec Butcher.
"We will looking for something creative to do, upon taking the job up here, I wanted to be integrated with the community of Anchorage, and what better way to do that than get the boys out here, with the men and women of our armed services," said head coach Matt Curley.
The Seawolves host Colorado College in the September 6th season opener at the Sullivan Arena. 

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