To trace family ancestry, many people have to go online -- Not Tanya Malinovskiy. 

Along with her brother, sister and father, she's visiting Anchorage this week. Malinovskiy is learning more about her great-grandfather. You may know him as Russian Jack. Yes, that Russian Jack. 

It began a few months ago when her family learned of a story which aired on KTVA about him from the well known Aunt Phil series.

They contacted the author Laurel Downing Bill and decided to come to Alaska for the first time to learn more about their famous ancestor.

"To actually come here and be able to visit all those places... I dreamed about it but I didn't think it was possible that fast and in that capacity," she said at Russian Jack Elementary School where they visited with students and told the kids more about their background. "Just very beautiful and I'm very honored."

Russian Jack's real name was Jacob Marunenko. The family is of Ukrainian descent and has lived in Sacramento since the early '90s.

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