Two Anchorage men were arrested after one of them struck an officer with a stolen vehicle and then proceeded to slam into a house Wednesday night, authorities say. 

Anchorage police say in August and September, two vehicles were reported stolen in East Anchorage: a silver 2004 GMC Yukon with a broken door lock and a black 2008 Chevy Trailblazer. 

Police say just before 9 p.m. on Wednesday, Community Action Policing Officers were in the area of 32nd Avenue and Muldoon Road spotted the Trailblazer parked outside a residence. When they approached the Chevy on foot and in their own cars, 27-year-old Nicholas K. Kost got into the driver’s seat and tried to take off.

"Kost began driving back and forth in an attempt to get away but he was unable to due to other CAP and swing shift patrol officers blocking him in with their cars," police wrote. "Kost did strike another vehicle parked in the driveway (not a police car) which then hit a CAP officer who was on foot."

Police say that officer was not hurt but Kost proceeded to take off in the Trailblazer toward the house. 

"Kost struck the house, breaking off part of the exterior wall, as well as the garage door rendering it inoperable," police wrote. 

While officers were giving commands to Kost, another officer noticed a rifle sitting in the front seat and was able to safely retrieve and secure it, according to police. 

"Officers issued multiple Taser warnings but Kost continued to attempt to drive his way out," police wrote. "Officers were eventually able to take Kost into custody after Tasing him."

Once police secured a search warrant, they found the stolen GMC Yukon parked inside the garage, along with three other vehicles on the property with punched out ignitions and stripped steering columns, police said.

Officers ran a check on those vehicles which were not reported stolen. Additionally, they were unable to reach the owners so they were towed away for safekeeping, according to police. 

As police continued to clear the house, they gave multiple commands for anyone inside to identify themselves and then found a man hiding in the attic. 

"Officers could see that the attic had been recently accessed; they found 28-year-old Joseph Ambrosio hiding in the insulation," police wrote. 

Kost was arrested on five outstanding felony warrants and additionally charged with vehicle theft, theft, resisting, three counts of assault, misconduct involving a weapon - felon in possession and two counts of criminal mischief. 

Ambrosio was arrested on an outstanding felony warrant and additionally charged with resisting/interfering with an arrest. 

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