Strangled over a Pop Tart -- a gas station manager is recovering after an assault that had to be broken up by a bystander Wednesday morning, authorities say. 

Just before 11 a.m., police responded to a Holiday Gas Station located on the 4200 block of Mountain View Drive after reports of a man hitting the store manager, according to a statement from Anchorage police. 

Police say 36-year-old Joel Schmidt walked into the store and put a Pop-Tart in his pocket. When the store manager confronted him, Schmidt head-butted him in the face and proceeded to strangle him.

"The two went to the ground and Schmidt put his hands around the manager’s neck which disabled the manager’s ability to breathe," police wrote. "During the altercation, the manager also saw Schmidt produce a folding knife and attempt to open it."

A bystander who witnessed the altercation intervened and helped the manager hold Schmidt to the ground until police arrived, police said.

Police say Schmidt received a cut above his eye and was taken to the hospital for treatment. Once he was released, he was taken to the Anchorage Jail on charges of robbery, assault and concealment of merchandise.

The manager also received medical treatment for injuries to his neck. 

Megan Mazurek contributed to this story.

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