This was Ted Smith's kind of place -- on Wednesday, the Anchorage Police Department dedicated a shooting range in Birchwood as the Ted Smith Tactical Training Facility.


Smith died in 2013 in small plane crash in Rainy Pass at the age of 59. He served in the APD for 29 years; had been retired since 2011. His wife Barb Smith of 37 years said he would have approved of the upgrades there to enhance safety.

“He would have loved the privacy and that he could be out here training without people watching," she said. "Lengths of the different ranges and the potential for future development because he was always so good at creating scenarios, real-life situations.” 

Anchorage Police Chief Justin Doll says the setup speaks to Ted's commitment to training.

"The design is Alaska centric. Very simple, very robust. Easy to maintain. It just carries forward the legacy he built forward at APD,” Doll said. 

However, he said the weather, which was bright and sunny, was an issue.

"Ted would have much preferred having terrible weather because he loved training in bad weather,” said Doll.

Along with Barb, and the Smith's two children Amy and David, a host of police officers toured the facility.

She says he would have been proud because it stood for what he believed.

"His passion was having us all prepared and just assuring that we would go home safely at the end of the day,” Barb said.  

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