For some people, a house fire is the worst thing they can imagine. But Jana Griffin of Wasilla doesn't have to imagine it, that's because it's happened to her family, twice.

Griffin had her first house fire in 2004. Afterward, she rebuilt her home on the Wasilla property she owns. Saturday night, that house also caught on fire and appears to be a total loss.

Griffin said it's hard to wrap her head around the fact that a fire could happen twice on the same property to the same person. This time, she credits her 24-year-old son Glacier with saving her life.

"He saw the flames outside on the wall and he came into the bedroom and he was like 'mom!' And I looked out and the whole wall was just engulfed in flames," said Griffin. "If he'd have been asleep I think our story would be different."

Glacier, a Wasilla High School graduate who has Down Syndrome, knew exactly what to do. He woke up his mom and her boyfriend and tried to call 911. Today Glacier is being called a hero, but Glacier says he only feels "a little bit" like one.

Jana Griffin said her family lost a lot in the fire but Glacier lost the most -- His beloved collection of Broncos paraphernalia, his electric guitar and amplifiers; even his medals from Special Olympics.

As for the family, a friend has offered an apartment and Griffin says other members of the community are being equally generous.

"They've just reached out to us," she said, obviously feeling emotional.

Glacier's employer, Smashburger in Wasilla, is leading the charge to help the family get back on their feet. There is also a Facebook page with information about fundraisers, including one this weekend.

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