An Anchorage man arrested Tuesday in connection with a fatal Mountain View shooting told a friend his gun accidentally discharged while cleaning it, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

Authorities arrested Clint Registe, 36, in connection with the death of Britteny Sparks, 31, nearly two months ago.

According to court documents, Registe, who also goes by the name of "Chief", told a friend two days after the shooting that Sparks was over at his apartment doing the dishes.

"Chief was cleaning a gun inside his apartment and it went off, and he shot her accidentally," Registe's friend told detectives 

Anchorage Police responded to Registe's apartment located on the 600 block of North Hoyt Street, just before 5 p.m. on July 20, after a caller reported a woman had been shot in her apartment complex, court documents said. 

Responding officers found Sparks body on the kitchen floor of Registe's apartment. 

"Detectives conducted interviews with witnesses, including a neighbor in apartment #1. She reported hearing a loud bang which she later learned was a gunshot. She then heard someone yell "call 911" so she did. The caller then walked outside her apartment and she saw the victim's brother who told her that his sister had been "accidentally shot", court documents said. 

Following that interview, detectives visited Sparks' brother, Reginald Walker, who lived next door to Registe. Walker, who lives in the apartment with his mother and other family members, was home alone at the time when he heard the gunshot. He said he immediately opened the front door looked and saw Registe's front door was open. When he went to check it out, he saw Registe pacing back-and-forth, charging documents said.

"Reginald Walker told detectives that 'Chief' told him he accidentally shot his (Reginald Walker's) sister (Brittney Sparks) and that he was going to turn himself in. Reginald Walker said 'Chief' then left the apartment," according to court documents. 

Walker went on to say that Registe would occasionally pay his sister to come over to his apartment to clean.

Once police obtained a search warrant for Registe's apartment, they found a semi-automatic rifle on the floor, along with a matching casing. Other various handguns, ammunition, drugs and drug paraphernalia was were seized from the apartment. 

According to a statement from APD, a Crime Stoppers tip along with information developed through the investigation led officers to a Tuesday capture. They spotted Registe walking through an East Anchorage neighborhood by himself.  

He was then taken into custody without incident and then to the Anchorage Jail for questioning. Following that, Registe was remanded on his manslaughter warrant.  

Sparks’ shooting was one of two separate deaths in Mountain View just hours apart, with police responding later that evening to a North Bliss Street shooting that claimed the life of 15-year-old Raynaldo Khotesouvan. Luimariamofoa Polu, 16, stands accused of first-degree murder in that case, after Polu allegedly told police he thought Khotesouvan was a member of a rival gang – a claim the victim’s family denies.

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