As journalists, we often meet people who make a lasting impression. One of those people was Lorraine Williams, who passed away over the weekend from cancer.

Williams, a longtime Homer cartoonist, first appeared on KTVA in 2014.

She was self-taught, drawing for local newspapers in Homer for more than a decade.

Her best source of inspiration was her little town at the end of the road and the people who live there. In fact, one of her favorite cartoon series was called “You’re in Homer When.”

Some of late Homer cartoonist Lorraine Williams' work. (Credit: Shannon Ballard/KTVA)

Williams loved to make people laugh, but in 2003 she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Even through the hardest times, Williams knew that when a good laugh is shared it can bind people together. It’s what bound her to her husband Darren and her community, where she will be deeply missed.

John Thain contributed information to this story.

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