A South Anchorage apple orchard which let people pick apples Saturday drew plenty of takers for the one-day event.

Clark’s Apple Orchard opened from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a day of apple picking open to the public, allowing people to take home anything they picked for $2 per pound.

Orchard employees said this year’s event attracted a sellout crowd. Just over 800 people showed up during last year’s four-hour session, but on Saturday nearly three times more – 2,280 people – showed up in the event’s first two hours.

Visitors pick apples at Clark's Apple Orchard Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 for $2 a pound during a one-day event. (Credit: Dave Leval/KTVA)

The event backed up traffic at midday Saturday near the orchard, on Rabbit Creek Road near the Old Seward Highway. Cars were lined up to reach the orchard along Rabbit Creek nearly half a mile west to the New Seward Highway.

Anchorage police dispatchers said no road closures or collisions were reported in the area. Officers had been requested to provide traffic control in the area, but were handling other calls earlier Saturday.

Dave Leval contributed information to this story.

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