In the coastal waters near Seward, ocean kayaking becomes a stroll through a sculpture garden of ice. 

The past week has been nothing but sunshine across the state, including Seward. KTVA joined Liquid Adventures for a kayaking ride through Bear Glacier Lagoon and an up-close look at Bear Glacier.

Seward is a strikingly beautiful part of Alaska with access to many glaciers in and around the Resurrection Bay.

Numerous outfitters in Seward offer glacier viewing excursion. These adventures are physical, refreshing and memorable.

From the comfort of your kayak, explore the massive icebergs that are deposited by Bear Glacier, the Harding Icefield's largest glacier.

Paddle boarding adventures are available as well.

This sport gives you the sensation of "walking on water." In these unreal surroundings you can wander the ice formations and hear only your paddle in the water.

Bear Glacier Lagoon has breathtaking ice formations that change every day.

Our trip started on a jet boat heading into one of the glacier-cut fjords of Resurrection Bay to Bear Glacier Lagoon.

Mountains flank the horizon to the east and west, and to the north, in the distance, a massive wall of ice forms the face of Bear Glacier.

The lake before us is littered with icebergs, some as small as basketballs, others the size of houses.

The icebergs can roll or calve at any moment, trapping a wayward paddler underneath a mountain of ice. For safety, kayakers and paddle boarders should maintain a distance equal to the length of the iceberg itself, or twice its height, whichever is greater.

While paddling, the warmth of the sun is matched by cooling winds blowing off the glacier. You can hear the glaciers calving into the still water and echoing throughout the area. You can see the ice formations bobble up and down in the water and harbor seals pay surprise visits right next to your kayak.

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