There are a series of events happening every week to help those in recovery get out and feel good about their accomplishments -- including a free concert Thursday night with "Medium Build".

The band performed on Daybreak for a preview performance before their full show at the Church of Love in Spenard.

"Recovery Month is a time where we get to both educate the public about what recovery can look like and who we are," said Tiffany Hall, executive director at Recover Alaska. "I'm a person in recovery and we don't often take the time to kind of step back and think about that as an accomplishment and celebrate it publicly."

Recover Alaska is an advocacy group funded by a number of partners and businesses in the health and mental sector. Its goal is to address alcohol abuse and to help people long-term via policy and social practices.

"People don't always have role models in recovery or anyone to look to or to know how to do it or where to even start," Hall said. "We try to celebrate those stories and talk about them so people know where to look. That's one of the reasons that we chose 'Medium Build' to do this concert, the members of the band are sober now and we want to lift them up and also give people someone to look for."

Here is a list of other events happening in September:

Sep. 6: Sober Sober Revolution – featuring Medium Build (free concert at Church of Love)

Sep. 16: Yoga for Recovery (Open Space) 

Sep. 25: Second Chances: Stories of Hope, Addiction and Recovery in Alaska (free storytelling event – Arctic Entries style)

To learn more about Recover Alaska, go here.

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