The crash that killed four people on the Parks Highway had people rushing out of their vehicles to help the victims.

Troopers say Cary Taylor-Bloomquist crossed the center line on the road outside Cantwell and collided with two motorcycles. Fairbanks couple Charlene and Jeffrey Esley died in the crash. The other motorcyclist, David Fulton, was taken to the hospital with critical injuries.

Bloomquist’s 5-year-old daughter, Addie Bloomquist, was airlifted to Providence where she later died from her injuries.

Lizzie Hartman from Fairbanks said she came across the crash about 15 minutes after it happened. She said a man on a skateboard was going up and down the traffic aisles looking for medical supplies and people to help.

She said her husband is a surgical technician who grabbed his emergency supplies from the car and headed to the scene.

“There are a couple nurses and a few doctors up there who were working so hard. And some regular citizens who jumped right in and were helping with CPR,” Hartman said.

With the remote location of the crash at Mile 156.5, Hartman said it took first responders quite a while to arrive. She was thankful so many people took action to help the people in need.

“Everyone tried so hard. When the EMTs and the troopers got there they did their job and they did it really well. There were people who were physically exhausted by the end by how much they had worked trying to keep everyone alive,” Hartman said.

The road was shut down for several hours while troopers investigated the crash. Hartman said people remained solemn and patient during the closure.

“There was just reverence, a quiet reverence that surrounded the area. It was really beautiful,” she said.

Hartman said she was devastated to later learn four people died despite everyone’s best efforts.

“So heartbreaking for the families and just a huge loss for the Alaskan communities,” she said.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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