Anchorage police have arrested the man believed to be responsible for a June armed robbery that ended with one of the perpetrators shot dead by a homeowner.

Nathan Mattie, 41, is charged with manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, burglary, robbery and evidence tampering in the June 18 shooting of 48-year-old Geoffrey Sorden.

Police had named Mattie as an at-large suspect Tuesday, but said Friday that he was taken into custody in Fairview by members of APD's Investigative Support Unit. 

An accomplice of Sorden, 41-year-old Jason Premo, has already been arrested on manslaughter charges after Premo and Sorden entered an Austin Street home. During the robbery, the homeowner fatally shot Sorden, leading police to charge Premo as a person responsible for the robbery – the same theory under which APD spokesman MJ Thim said Mattie was charged.

“We believe that he is the mastermind behind this whole crime,” Thim said. “We were able to piece together he was the reason Premo and Sorden went over with the intent to rob the homeowner.”

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