In just its second year at the fair, Goat Yoga has turned into a big hit. More than 100 people stood in line Monday, the final day of the fair, hoping to get a session of yoga in with baby goats at the Alaska State Fair's Borealis Plaza Tent.

Goat Yoga is a regular yoga class -- only goats are in the room. In this case, the baby goats nuzzled participants and leaped around making happy noises and occasionally hopping on someone's back.

Suzy Crosby, with Cottonwood Creek Farms, brought five baby goats for the event. She said she timed their births specifically so they'd be the right age when fair time rolled around.

"They are only about two and a half weeks old and it's their first out of farm experience," said Crosby. "It's their first time being with a crowd of people.

Crosby said the animals are bottle fed and socialized but was relieved to see them playing and interacting with the crowd.

Darleen Jenkins attended her first Goat Yoga session at the fair on Monday. She seemed pretty happy after the experience. 

"I loved it. I couldn't concentrate on the yoga because I was petting goats," said Jenkins.

Organizers planned to offer three sessions of goat yoga on Monday but quickly realized it was not enough. Crosby said it was likely they would end up with six sessions by the end of the day -- and most likely, come back again next year.

Alaska State Fair Officials said they expect this year's fair attendance will surpass last year's, one of the lowest in recent memory.

Marketing Director Dean Phipps said sunny weather, especially during the last weekend of the fair brought out big crowds.

Phipps said on Saturday and Sunday workers used 40 acres of overflow parking to park vehicles. Phipps said this year, unlike last year, many of the concerts and other ticketed events were sold out. He expected to have more specific numbers by the end of the week.

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