The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday upheld a lower court ruling saying the couple’s son, Robert Sheldon, properly executed his duties as the estate’s trustee.

The argument centered around Holly Sheldon Lee’s view over how Robert handled the family’s trust and access to a small cabin on family owned Ruth Glacier property.

The two eventually participated in mediation conducted by retired Superior Court judge Eric Sanders.

They signed an agreement, which stated they had “reached an agreement to the settlement of all claims of all parties.”

Holly, however, later unsuccessfully challenged the settlement’s validity in Superior Court and took her case in February to the state's highest court.

Before the Supreme Court, Holly’s attorney argued that she didn't understand it was a final settlement.

The attorney said Holly was feeling ill at the time and that her brother, Robert, provide all the information she needed to make an informed decision.

Robert’s attorney told the judges that his sister understood the agreement, and if she didn’t, her attorney, who was present then, certainly should have.

In an email statement to KTVA, Robert Sheldon said, “So concludes a silly waste of time caused by a both a Superior- and a Supreme Court-described vexatious litigant.”

In an email statement to KTVA, Holly Sheldon Lee wrote: "Robert's violations of the law, of his legal obligations as trustee, must be investigated and brought into the light.  As a businessman serving as the trustee of our mother’s trust, Robert should welcome the opportunity instead of seeking to shield his activities from public and legal scrutiny as he has succeeded in doing so far."

Sheldon Lee added she plans on asking the Supreme Court for another hearing.  

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