School officials were briefed Tuesday night about an incident of sexual abuse involving members of Dimond High School’s football team, which reportedly occurred during a weekend trip to Fairbanks.

An executive session took place at Anchorage School District headquarters with Superintendent Dr. Deena Bishop and the school board president Starr Marsett.

The closed-door meeting discussed the alleged sexual abuse of underclassmen by upperclassmen. 

Following the executive session, Bishop said state law prevents her from providing specific details on the investigation. 

"We are working with minors and there are laws set out in regard to working with minors," Bishop said. "And so those disallow me to comment on specifics at this time. And I regret that. We need to be forthright and follow the law here as well."

Bishop could not comment on whether the alleged aggressor(s) have been taken out of school but she ensures all of Dimond High students are safe. 

"Our investigation is not complete. It was just recently -- just last week, we began our side of the investigation so the APD side is not complete, nor is ours and so we're going to -- we will release information as we can on this website in a timely matter once we can. 

She said they are doing everything they can to move forward. 

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