The "Pumpkin Man" has set the state record in the 13th annual Great Pumpkin Weigh-Off at the Alaska State Fair. 

Dale Marshall who has competed in the competition for about a decade delivered a gourd weighing in at a whopping 1,471.5 pounds -- beating the previous record of 1,469 pounds, which he set in two years ago.


Getting the oversized pumpkins to the fairgrounds is a huge process. 

Competitors are responsible for their own delivery. Any wrong move could cause a hole or crack which results in an instant disqualification.

Marshall's pumpkin resume includes two disqualifications. One year judges discovered a small hold underneath what he said was at least a 1,700-pound gourd. Another year, a giant crane lifted the pumpkin for its journey to the fair, but a cable snapped, sending the pumpkin to a disqualifying crash. Months of work were destroyed in a matter of minutes.

Despite a couple of unfortunate disqualifications, Marshall's hard work has paid off with another record setting delivery. 

Marshall pocketed $1,050, which includes $50 above the normal prize for breaking his old mark. 

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