The Division of Elections has reported some irregularities with absentee ballots being counted for a Republican House primary race currently separated by three votes.

This has prompted a further review of ballots in a race between incumbent House Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux, who trails challenger Aaron Weaver.

The Elections office cited two irregularities: a high number of absentee ballots from this East Anchorage district were returned as undeliverable; seven absentee ballot applications received for the district came from deceased people.

Among actions to be taken:

  • The agency will first count absentee ballots that do not raise authenticity concerns;
  • It will separately count ballots that do raise concerns but do not come with “evidence to merit rejection;”
  • It will complete a provisional count Tuesday with a final count certified Saturday.

“The integrity of our elections is vital to our democracy,” said Division of Elections Director Josie Bahnke. “The division will continue to look into this matter throughout the week and remove any ballots that we determine should not be counted.”

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