Anchorage police have located a person of interest following a fatal summertime Midtown shooting over bicycle ownership.

Police had sought 40-year-old Nedra C. Humpherville, saying she may have more information regarding the shooting that took place on July 4 at the Arctic Benson Park. She was found and questioned Tuesday morning.

According to police, it all started with an argument between an adult male and female over who owned a bicycle.  

"When three more adults became involved, one female and two males, a physical altercation broke out," police wrote. "One of the adult males produced a weapon and shot another adult male in the lower body." 

The group then scattered and fled on foot.

The case turned into a homicide once 48-year-old Ian Ellison died from his injuries. 

About a week later, officers arrested Daren Barnhart who allegedly argued over the ownership of a bicycle. Police have been looking for witnesses ever since the incident.

Mary Simton contributed to this story.

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