For many people, the Alaska State Fair means fried food but one booth is showcasing fresh, Alaska-caught seafood.

“It’s real, traditional food with a modern twist to it,” said Brady Hayden, the grill master at "Fish On".

If the smell of grilled salmon doesn't draw you in, the crab legs sure will.

“It’s golden king crab, we cut all the legs, baste it in butter and spices as it’s cooking,” Hayden said. “More butter, and some more butter,” he said, slathering the crab in buttery goodness.

Hayden and his wife, Buffy Meyer, opened Fish On at the Gathering Place five years ago when the fair was looking for an Alaska Native-owned food booth to do a salmon bake.

“There’s all the other flavors here of different things but this is true Alaskan from the beginning to the end,” said Meyer, who is Inupiaq.


The silver salmon comes fresh from Unalakleet and the halibut and crab come from Nome, where Meyer grew up. All of it is caught by local fishermen and crabbers.

“It also promotes business in Alaska and provides for Alaska Natives out in villages, gives them a purpose, Hayden said.

Customers said when it comes to carnival cuisines, you can’t miss the crab legs.


“So much butter, so much spices, you just crack it open. Delicious meat, very, very fresh,” said Ben Zwink.

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