Bail is increased for a man accused of multiple violent sexual assaults as the number of alleged victims grows from two to eight, but 22-year-old Kayshawn Dyett won't be going back to jail immediately, and may not have to at all before trial. 

In May, Dyett was charged in the alleged rapes of two women who independently reported they'd been violently assaulted and strangled by Dyett within the same 24 hours. 

KTVA previously reported:

According to a statement against Dyett written by Assistant District Attorney A. James Klugman, Dyett picked up the first victim – a 17-year-old girl – with another teen on the night of April 14. After using marijuana at a local hotel, Dyett and the victim had consensual sex and drank alcohol with the other teen.

As that teen took a shower, Dyett allegedly threw the victim onto the bed and assaulted her.

“Dyett put his hands around [the victim’s] throat and began strangling her; he then told her to call him ‘daddy,’” Klugman wrote.

When the first victim reported the rape the following day, Klugman said, investigators found “noticeable bruising on her neck, arms, and legs.”

On the afternoon of April 15, the second victim – whom Dyett had met “a few days earlier” while working at Dave & Buster’s – met with him for a trip to see the sunset at Point Woronzof. Once they got there, however, Dyett wouldn’t unlock the vehicle and “explained that they could watch the sunset from inside the car.” Soon afterward, he allegedly began to assault her against the back seat.

“Dyett told [the second victim] to call him ‘daddy’ and put his hand on her neck, strangling her with enough pressure that she felt her eyes swell,” Klugman wrote. “[The victim] repeatedly told Dyett to stop, but he did not. [She] was afraid that Dyett was going to kill her during the assault; she was afraid to fight back more forcefully.”

After the assault, the second victim told police, Dyett said he wouldn’t give her alcohol he had previously promised her. Examiners found “bruising consistent with strangulation” on her neck.

According to a bail memorandum filed by Anchorage Assistant District Attorney Reid Schweitzer, the prosecutor on the case, Dyett's initial bail arrangement would have required him to pay $26,000 in cash to be released before trial, but Anchorage Superior Court Judge Kevin Saxby reduced Dyett's bail to $5,000 cash on July 23, before Dyett was indicted on charges representing six additional victims. 

"Given this new information, the State requests that the Court increase bail to $100,000 cash performance bond, $25,000 cash/corporate appearance bond, and PED GPS electronic monitoring house arrest," Schweitzer wrote. 

The document outlines the stories of the six additional women who've accused Dyett. 

"Each involves a female acquaintance or friend of similar ages (all victims are currently between 21 and 29). Each involved the Defendant approaching the victim at work, school, or among friends and escalating a benign encounter to a forcible sexual violation," the document reads.

The earliest reported assault dates back to 2012 -- when Dyett was a sophomore at Bartlett High School. According to the document, Dyett approached a female student inside the school gym, told her he wanted to have sex with her and proceeded to expose himself and force the student to touch his penis after she had refused his advances. 

"She pulled her hand away, at which point he then groped her breast and began unbuttoning her pants. She tried to push him away, but he continued forcing her pants down. He then pushed her onto a bench, pulled underwear down, and tried to get on top of her with his penis still exposed. She was able to push him off before anything else happened and she got away from him," Schweitzer wrote. 

According to the bail memo, Dyett met two of the additional six women through his employment at Sam's Club, another through his most recent employment at Dave & Buster's, and one woman reported knowing him less than 24 hours when he allegedly raped her on a group camping trip. 

"Then she recalled him having vaginal sex with her, holding down her arms and being rough. She recalled him telling her to call him "Daddy," which Schweitzer notes is a phrase two other victims reported Dyett said to them while he allegedly sexually assaulted them. 

22-year-old Kayshawn Dyett, accused of sexual assault by eight women, appears in court for a bail hearing on August 23, 2018. (Photo Credit: Matthew Johnson // KTVA)


Dyett's defense attorney, Julia Moudy, argued that bail should not be increased because Dyett has been following all of his conditions of release during the two weeks he's been out on bail. She also called into question whether the alleged victims are telling the truth, referencing the #MeToo movement. 

"In this age of social media, where people post things and want to be part of movements, being a victim sometimes is in vogue," said Moudy. 

"Are you saying this tracks the 'Me Too' movement?" asked Judge Saxby. 

"That was the next sentence I was going to use," said Moudy. "I'm not saying that every person who alleges that they've been sexually assaulted is telling a lie. I'm not saying that women aren't sexually assaulted every day. Of course, they are. But there is a certain vogue now to be part of this big movement."  

Four of the eight alleged victims were present by phone at the hearing. When given the opportunity, each spoke in favor of an increased bail amount and defended their accounts of sexual assault, saying that they are not lying. 

One woman tearfully told the judge, "I have anxiety. I have not had sex since the day he assaulted me. I'm afraid and I'm ashamed of myself and my body. He scares me."   

Judge Saxby acknowledged valid arguments from both the prosecutor and defense attorney, and ultimately decided to double Dyett's cash bail, in light of the quadrupled number of accusers. 

"I'm just going by my experience on the bench and my conclusion is that under these circumstances, with this many accusers, this strong a case on the State's part, and the nature of the allegations, which there is some consistency between, that $10,000 is the minimal amount necessary to be at risk to ensure that young women who may be vulnerable do not come within his ambit while he's on release," said Judge Saxby. 

Judge Saxby did agree to Moudy's request to let Dyett remain on house arrest for two weeks, giving him time to try to come up with the additional bail money. 

Dyett walked out of the courtroom Thursday with a young woman who appeared to be accompanying him to his bail hearing. 

A Dave & Buster's spokesperson said in May that Dyett had been fired from the Anchorage location at the Dimond Center mall. He had worked as a "captain," or a door greeter at the arcade. 

Dyett has also been a part-time private in the Alaska Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 297th Infantry Regiment since 2014, according to Lt. Col. Candis Olmstead with the state Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. At last check, no administrative or disciplinary actions against him in connection with the rapes were yet on file.  

His next hearing is set for September 6.  

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