Gov. Bill Walker and Mark Begich said Tuesday's election results will not have a major impact on their campaigns for governor, and neither has plans to drop out of the race.

Some have suggested that Begich, a Democrat, or Walker, an Independent, should consider leaving the race so as not to split the vote and possibly open the door for a Republican win. Walker said that's not his style.

"I've learned over the years I don't change what I do based on what somebody else does," said Walker.

He added that he anticipated a three-way race and said that he feels confident about his support.

"I'm very comfortable being right in the middle. We have a lot of Republican support, we have a lot of Democratic support. So that middle lane is very wide and I'm pretty happy to be in there," he said.

Begich also said he was in the race to stay, although Tuesday night he was eager to see what Republican candidate he would be up against.

"We are excited to be done with tonight so we can get on with talking about the three main candidates, what their issues are and their differences," said Begich.

But regardless of who wins the primary, Begich said he planned to stay the course.

"I don't think anything changes in the way we are campaigning, the way we are moving forward. We have to do what we are doing. Get our vote to the people, get down and talk to them about issues that matter to them," Begich said.

Both candidates were looking forward to having the primaries behind them.

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