Kelly Herndon shows off a new pitch at Mulcahy Stadium. 
"I've got to work on underhand pitching, I haven't hit in forever, haven't swung a bat in a while. So got to figure that out, but once an athlete, always an athlete, I'll be able to figure it out, but I think I'll be fine," said Herndon.  
The former Seattle Seahawks star comes to Alaska for the annual charity softball game for Anchorage Fire Explorers Post 264.
The after-school program helps kids between the ages of 15 and 20 prepare for a possible career as a firefighter. This is the fourth year as an explorer for Malachi England. 
"I have siblings who have gone into the fire service, and it is very valuable life training," said England during a break in the game.
Program organizers said more students want to join. That's good because organizers say they would rather hire locally.
"Alaska isn't like a lot of places. So, having people from here, and know what they're getting into, versus someone, say from Texas, who has never been in a winter here, it's easier to keep people here, once we've recruited them onto Anchorage Fire, if they've been here before, and have been raised here," said the program's advisor Meghan McClain
Firefighting is personal to Herndon, as members of his family have served in it. 
"I definitely support everything they do, no matter where they are at, no matter what city, no matter what state, we know they are are the first responders and the things that they do is definitely a big help and needed at all times," he said.
The Explorers team got some help, as it won the charity game in 12 innings, along with more money to help the program grow.

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