If you are in the market for a feline friend, Anchorage Animal Care and Control is offering a sweet deal on Saturday.

All cats six months and older will be available for adoption for just $15. Shelter spokeswoman Laura Atwood said the fee includes spay or neuter, current shots, a microchip, even a carrier and food. The shelter will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday.

By 5 p.m., Atwood said, 32 of the center's 39 cats had been adopted.

Atwood said at least 40 cats are expected to be available for adoption on Saturday, although the shelter has an even higher number of cats that are not yet ready to go to new homes. She said July brought an average of nearly seven cats a day to the shelter. Compared to dogs, very few found their way back home.

"Seventy-one to 80 percent of dogs who come in as strays go home to their owners," Atwood said. "For cats it's only about 11 percent to the highest is 20 percent."

People often don't come down to the shelter to look for missing cats, which sometimes means their pets are adopted by someone else. Atwood said stray dogs and cats are only held for a few days before they're available for adoption, so it's important to check the shelter right away or look at its website or Facebook page to see pictures of current strays.

A big part of the problem, according to Atwood, is people who let their cats roam free and then are surprised when their animals don't come back. Letting cats roam is illegal in the municipality, but Atwood said AACCC has posted alternatives on Facebook for people who want their pets to go outdoors.

Jeff Bridges contributed information to this story.

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