Anchorage hip-hop recording artist and songwriter, Tayy Tarantino, is out with his new album, "To Live and Die in AK."

The single, featuring Dawn McClain, sends a powerful message addressing Anchorage's crime and asking Gov. Bill Walker not to take away the Permanent Fund dividend.

"Record homicides in the city back to back years," Tarantino said. "Nobody [was] talking about it, so we felt with the platform we have in the city and what we try to do with our music, we wanted to be different."

(Credit: Tayy Tarantino)

The album was released last week, and on the CD insert are pictures of the victims Tarantino raps about. Their pictures also hang from a tree featured in Tarantino's music video.

(Credit: Tayy Tarantino)

So far, his music video has more than 30,000 views and has been shared more than 1,000 times.

"The response has been crazy, overwhelming," Tarantino added. "It's overwhelming messages from the family... it's been real receptive... it's a positive message, so why wouldn't you want to spread it?"

Tarantino and Dawn McClain performed the single on Daybreak. You can download his album and learn more about his music, here.

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