Terminus Breach is a board game dreamed up here in Alaska. Its creator, Matt Lloyd, is now hoping to secure enough funding to make his dream of getting it mass-produced come to life. Matt joined Daybreak to describe the game. 

"It's a tower-defense board game," said Lloyd. "Tower defense is a genre of game that's been around for a long time, but it's generally digital."

He broke down the concept of tower defense: "There's a grid with a path, and waves of bad guys come down the paths, and you build towers and try to keep them from making it to the end."

Lloyd was born in Alaska and grew up in Eagle River, until moving with his family as a child.

"I didn't actually decide I wanted to make a board game," Lloyd said. "I just had this idea and then the seed planted in my brain."

He realized that his concept was a very difficult one, and claims it took him seven years to create. In that time he had started an online fundraiser to finance the project. He did meet his original goal, but relied on feedback from the community.

Since then he's made a lot of changes to the game and has relaunched his fundraiser. 

You can find out all about Terminus Breach on the game's Facebook page, with updates to the game itself posted on its website.

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