George and Jill Davis have been living and thriving off-the-grid in Alaska for the past 30 years.

"I've pretty much lived out in the wilderness probably for over 35 years," George said. "On the Gulf of Alaska, remote fishing camps, building lodges and taking people sport fishing and just having a good time out there."

(Credit: George and Jill Davis)

In 2009, the couple, who currently live near Clam Gulch, started documenting and filming their real life living off the grid. Now, out with a new book called, "Alaska Man: A Memoir of Growing Up and Living in the Wilds of Alaska" the couple hopes to teach others to do the same.

"You can live totally self-sufficient out there now, with all these means of awesome alternate energy," George said. "The big battery banks, converters, windmills and -- you can have everything out there now."

Jill adds that living remotely doesn't mean compromising in the kitchen.

"Camp cooking at its finest," she added. "We do a lot of cast-iron cooking... we take people out to the river, catch a salmon and bring spices and cut them open and stuff them with peppers and spices and throw them right on the camp fire and people just love it."

(Credit: George and Jill Davis)

The couple's latest book is a preview of the next two books they plan on writing and releasing.

"The first book just kind of gets you going, tells about the life out there," George added.

You can buy "Alaska Man: A Memoir of Growing Up and Living in the Wilds of Alaska" on Amazon or the Davises' website.

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