Wasilla police say "lethal force" was necessary in a fatal officer-involved shooting involving a domestic violence suspect in the Valley Thursday morning.

Police say around 4:30 a.m., officers responded to a residence in Wasilla for a reported domestic dispute. Police say a female reported that her husband made threats to "kill anyone in the house." 

"Officers arrived on scene and heard sounds of an active disturbance inside the residence," WPD wrote in a statement. "Officers entered the residence and were confronted with an armed suspect assaulting a family member.  Officers fired upon the suspect, who died from injuries on scene."

The suspect was later identified as 31-year-old Adrien Herron of Wasilla. 

Police say Herron assaulted his wife with two knives. Their children were safely located in downstairs bedrooms. 

WPD spokeswoman Amanda Graham said the woman's injuries were "severe," and that she was being treated at a local hospital. The situation officers encountered forced them to fire on sight.

"They assessed the situation and determined that lethal force was necessary," Graham said. 

The officers involved in the incident have been identified as Sgt. Don Ridge, a 13-year veteran of the WPD, as well as Officers Adam LaPointe and Sawyer Skiba, both 2-year veterans of the force. 

Chris Klint contributed to this story.

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