Golfers on a Soldotna course are dealing with a hazard more disconcerting than any bunker or rough: vandalism.

Last Friday, during the early morning hours, someone gained access through an opening at the second tee and drove onto the Bird Homestead Golf Course, damaging three holes. 

Head groundskeeper Jeff Gillman knew something was up right away.

"I got here like around 5:30 a.m, and I came up on one's sprinkler, and I came over, noticed the tire tracks, and I was, well, I kind of felt bad."

The vandals also drove onto two greens. Number three sustained the most damage, but Gillman was able to use sand while trimming the grass to get them back into playable shape.

Despite the damage, golfers are happy to be out on the course and give its condition high marks given the circumstances.

"I think they recovered it quite well, it looks wonderful as far as I'm concerned," said Sonya Nicholson.

She and her husband Larry were on the course Wednesday for a round. 

Of course, she was also dismayed at the callous and bold behavior.

"I think that's just disgusting. It's awful. This is such a wonderful course, beautiful people that own it. It's so sad to think somebody would do such a thing."

Anyone with information is asked to call Alaska State Troopers. 

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