Do you know of a good geothermal hot spot in Alaska? If you do, the state wants to know about it. The state may then hold a lease sale on the land to provide more energy opportunities in Alaska. 

"Alaska is located along the most active tectonic and volcanic region in the world, but so far, its geothermal resource potential is largely untapped," according to the Division of Oil and Gas.  

The Division is asking people to nominate state-owned lands with geothermal potential for possible testing. If the state likes what it sees, then it may hold a lease sale to "qualified bidders", similar to oil and gas leases. A lot would have to happen before a lease sale happened, including public comment opportunities. 

The state says investigations since the 1980s have shown that geothermal potential exists in nearly every region of Alaska. The state specifically mentioned lands south of the Umiat Basin -- plus other areas -- being available for geothermal resource exploration.

Nominations will be accepted through Nov, 9. People can find more information here.

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