An Anchorage couple is accused of dealing more than 10 pounds of methamphetamine kept in a shipping container, after a pair of south Anchorage raids last week.

Charles “Pup” Phillips and Lois Latrilla Phillips each face a federal charge of possessing 500 grams or more of meth with intent to distribute it, court records showed Tuesday.

According to a complaint filed by Alaska State Trooper Curtis Vik, Charles Phillips is a well-known member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, which Vik said is “known for drug trafficking” among other offenses. Phillips had been seen last week wearing a jacket indicating he was a full member of the group.

Vik said investigators were watching the Southpaw Kennels, formerly known as Coshok’s K-9 Castle, at 11801 Old Seward Hwy. on Wednesday. They saw Lois Phillips drive a minivan into an alley near the kennels containing a shipping container; she picked up a male passenger then left, heading north on Old Seward.

Officers obtained search warrants Thursday for both the Phillips’ apartment on East 75th Avenue and the shipping container. The couple was at home during the raid at East 75th.

A search of the apartment turned up almost 121 grams of a substance which tested positive as meth, Vik said – some of it in “baggies containing scenes from the children’s animated movie ‘Frozen’” – as well as small amounts of psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana. Officers also seized nearly $25,000 in cash, almost all in a container which an Anchorage Police Department K-9 indicated smelled of controlled substances.

Investigators also spoke with a witness who lived in the area and said the couple owned the shipping container and had visited it within the past week.

The shipping container was secured with a padlock, which investigators cut off the container. Investigators found more than a dozen pounds of suspected meth, as well as “a backpack containing a pay/owe ledger listing monies and quantities.”

“There was also a sheet listing names of Hells Angels prospects throughout the state of Alaska,” Vik wrote. “A wedding invitation for (Lois) Latrilla Phillips and Charles Phillips was also found in the backpack.”

After the search, investigators took the container’s padlock to the Phillips’ apartment.

“A key located on Lois Latrilla Phillips’ keychain matched the key for the padlock,” Vik wrote. “Also located on this keychain were the keys for Lois Latrilla Phillips’ pickup truck.”

Charles and Lois Phillips were both in custody in Anchorage Tuesday, according to a statewide inmate database.

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