A man convicted of stabbing a Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson soldier to death in an attack three years ago has received a prison term of more than a century.

Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton handed down a 139-year sentence for 43-year-old Alvin Rodriguez-Moya, in the May 3, 2015 death of Army Spc. Paolo Grassi.

A jury convicted Rodriguez-Moya in December of killing Grassi – who had been dating his former girlfriend, Juana Garcia-Jiminez – as the couple sat in the living room of her Penland Parkway trailer home. Jurors also found the defendant guilty of attempting to murder Garcia-Jiminez, who was stabbed four times in the same assault.

On Friday, Wolverton heard impact statements from victims of the crime, including Garcia-Jiminez’s son who discussed his dealings with Rodriguez-Moya. A translator helped relay the proceedings to Rodriguez-Moya through headphones he wore in court.

The judge ultimately declared Rodriguez-Moya a “worst offender” under state law, accepting all of the prosecutions’s sentencing recommendations despite the defendant’s lack of a violent criminal history. Wolverton called the murder one of the worst violent crimes he has ever seen.

Nick Swann contributed information to this story.

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