It's back to school week, a week dedicated to helping you relieve some of the stress that comes at the start of a new school year. Many families stress about after-school care and don't know where to go for the resources. 

Thread in Anchorage is a good resource to look at before school starts.

Thread is Alaska's child care resource referral network. To help families find child care, train early childhood educators, do advocacy and stress the importance of child care.

Melinda Myers, the COO of Thread, says its important to look around when it comes to finding your kid an after-school program. 

"It can be stressful if you're trying to find a program to help you get to work early enough before school starts, and to take care of your child after school by the time you get home from work," Myers said. "So things that we encourage people to ask their programs they're looking at is do they provide transportation for the child?"

Other factors include the program's accommodations for children.

"What kind of snacks, maybe, they have for the child," Myers said. "It can be a really long day for a child to go to before care, before school care, during school and then after school. We really encourage people to say, is there a quiet space for children?  And really do people feel good at the program?  When you visit the program, does your child feel comfortable?  Do you, as a parent, feel comfortable?"

Myers said you need to be thinking about finding the right after school program sooner than later. 

"It's very important to plan early," said Myers. "Even as you're thinking of this fall getting kids in to a program, you should be thinking about holiday breaks, spring break, and those type of things when you're thinking about child care."

Thread can be called by phone at 907-265-3100.

"You can do a child care referral search online, but we do encourage people also to call us because we can really talk you through the different options, the programs that can be available to your family."

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