As kids get ready to head back to school, it may surprise you that children are good targets for identity theft. Michelle Tabler with the Better Business Bureau joined Daybreak on Thursday to explain and offer ways you can keep your child safe.

"They don't have a credit history yet, so if a scammer gets their social security number, they can start using their credit without anybody knowing sometimes for years," Tabler explained. "This is because you can't pull the credit report of a child until they are 16."

Parents can protect their kids from identity theft by not allowing them to carry their social security card on them. It is also important to educate children on being safe online and to know about what they're clicking on and the sites they're visiting. 

Tabler also advises that if a business or school asks for their personal information, like a social security number, you should find out why they want that information and see how they're protecting it.

As you finish up that last minute back-to-school shopping, make sure you're cautious when shopping online. 

"If you put in personal or credit card information, it's that 'https' on the end, which means the site is secure, and it also has the lock icon," she said.

To help you save money, Tabler recommends asking about student discounts whenever possible.

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