Austin Quinn-Davidson has seemingly proclaimed victory in the special election to fill a vacant west side assembly seat.

Quinn-Davidson is by far the front-runner with 48.92 percent of the vote or 4165 votes. 

Nikki Rose is in second with 2685 votes or 31.54 percent. In third is Sam Moore with 854 votes or 10.03 percent. 

In a Facebook post Thursday afternoon, Quinn-Davidson thanked Rose and Moore for their dedication to the community. 

Rose posted to Facebook late-Wednesday congratulating Quinn-Davidson on her successful campaign. 

After the initial numbers were released Tuesday, Quinn-Davidson, without using the word win, gave a speech thanking supporters, saying she couldn't have done it without volunteers and campaign donations. She also congratulated the other candidates on running a great race. 

Quinn-Davidson says she's eager to get to work. 

Among those in attendance at Quinn-Davidson's watch party were Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, Assemblyman Chris Constant and Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar. 


The election results will be certified on August 17. 

Lauren Maxwell contributed to this report. 

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