Spenard residents got some concrete proof Saturday that a long-running road project in the area is nearing its completion.

About a hundred people, including Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz, turned out to give the muni a helping hand with some of its landscaping – leaving their handprints in concrete being laid along a sidewalk north of Fireweed Lane.

Voters approved nearly $14 million in bonds for the project in 2016.

Crews reduced Spenard between Hillcrest Drive and 27th Avenue to three lanes, while the stretch from 27th to Northern Lights Boulevard remained at four lanes due to the high traffic volume.

Other improvements included marked crosswalks, wider sidewalks and bike lanes, plus a center turn lane and off-street parking.

Berkowitz, who lives nearby, calls the money well-spent.

"This is one of those pocket neighborhoods that we're seeing more and more of in Anchorage, which gives cohesion to the neighborhoods, and a sense of community pride,” Berkowitz said. “As you have that pride, you're going to have more good things going."

Assembly member John Weddleton, another area resident, owns Bosco's Comics, Cards and Games on Spenard.

"This road looks beautiful – it should look beautiful," Weddleton said.

The Valencia family left a quartet of prints in the freshly poured material, using a nail to write their family name and the year below them.

The project, which has been under construction for more than a year, is intended to expand the neighborhood’s sidewalks and road safety features along Spenard Road.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the completion of the project is expected to take place next month.

Rachel McPherron contributed information to this story.

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