A new drug and alcohol treatment facility held it's grand opening on Thursday-- and it has a name that Alaskans might recognize: it's called the Ernie Turner Center.

This Ernie Turner Center isn't the one in Anchorage on Elmore and East Tudor. This is a brand new 16-bed residential treatment facility in Eklutna that's owned by Cook Inlet Tribal Council.

Recovery Director Rebecca Ling said some clients from the old program, which CITC used to run, will start moving into the new building this weekend.

The building is tucked away in the woods of Eklutna on a six-acre parcel. Ling said the calm and serene atmosphere is a world away from the Anchorage location.

"When you are in Anchorage, it's a great place to be, but it's very fast paced and it's very difficult to just stop and smell the roses, if you will, and get in touch with who you are as a person. We are always dealing with trauma, [and] in order to deal with trauma effectively, you need to feel safe, and you need to feel calm, and that's what this place is going to do," said Ling.

The program will serve men and women aged 18 years and older. Ling said the average stay is expected to be six months. She said treatment will include health and wellness activities like kayaking, horseback riding and more.

Ling said the old Ernie Turner Center in Anchorage was acquired by South Central Foundation which plans to continue to offer detox services, although it's likely they will change the name.

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