A woman previously accused of issuing a nude challenge to an Alaska State Trooper for a fight was arrested again Monday night, after a South Anchorage altercation caught on video.

Anchorage police said Mary Field, 31, was initially charged with domestic-violence assault in the encounter, which occurred on the 6600 block of Holly Lane off Raspberry Road. Police had been called to a disturbance in the area at about 8 p.m. Monday.

“[Officers] learned there was an altercation between [an adult female identified as Field] and a family member,” police wrote in a statement. “The adult female had assaulted the family member. Afterwards, the adult female and adult male had gotten into an argument.”

Ted Heintz, an Army National Guardsman who lives on Holly Lane, said he was beginning to take a walk when Field walked onto his property and began screaming. He stepped back inside his house rather than escalating the confrontation.

“That woman, she actually wanted to fight me,” Heintz said. “But I was evading and retreating and really did not to fight.”

Videos from the disturbance, posted on Facebook by Roni Lynn Moraco, caught the moment when Field began to approach Heintz.

“Stop right there – stop!” Heintz says.

“Or what?” Field replies.

“Stop!” Heintz repeats.

“Is this your property?” Field asks.

A second video recorded by Moraco shows two APD officers taking Field into custody Monday night, as she accuses one of them of being a pedophile.

Troopers’ run-in with Field, on April 17 last year, began when troopers found her refusing to leave an Anchor Point home she hadn’t been invited to. It ended with Field arrested on charges including assault, indecent exposure, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, although court records show she ultimately pleaded guilty to a single assault charge.

“Field stripped naked and challenged the trooper to a fight,” troopers wrote. “While the trooper tried to arrest Field she actively fought him and attempted to strangle the trooper. Field commanded her dogs to attack the trooper and the homeowner. The trooper and the homeowner sustained non-life-threatening bites to their extremities.”

Field's criminal history shows her charged in dozens of other cases, ranging from misdemeanors to minor offenses, dating back to 2003.

Told of Field’s Anchor Point arrest, Heintz blamed Alaska’s Senate Bill 91 and its release of some repeat offenders for his encounter with her.

“I feel that this is a direct result of SB 91, and that this didn’t have to happen if she was in jail on any of her previous charges,” Heintz said.

Field's court records showed her ultimately charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault as well as resisting arrest in Monday's case.

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